PRODUCT: Cope with a definitive absence

Birth and death frame a life. Each, like the other, is an unavoidable part of it, as we all know. Yet, while the first might overwhelm us with joy, the latter can send us to the depths of despair. In this very difficult time, we partake in a grieving process. In this process there is a normal, legitimate and natural stage where we have the urge to maintain one or more links to our loved one.

Each person, depending on their sensitivities, whether visual, tactile or aural, will seek a photo, video, object, or listen to a voice message.

For people with a keen sense of smell, it will be comforting to discover the scent of a loved one who has passed away. In such cases, Kalain offers a personalized boxed set of olfactory comfort, which comes with a small perfume bottle in the center—the essence, the olfactory signature of the loved one.

Jean Giono once said of perfume, “It extends the individual, living or dead, through its evocative and emotional power. It makes silence speak. It inhabits absence.”

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Cope with a definitive absence


We thank you for your interest in acquiring an olfactory comfort set 100% made in France. We have done everything possible to bring you great satisfaction not only through the recreation of the scent of your absent loved one, but also in the care we took to design the set and in the quality of the different odor supporting items, such as a silk scarf, the pocket scent diffuser with porcelain from Limoges, scent blotters, and, of course, the lovely bottle (16ml/0,54oz). You will receive a completely personalized set with a name (first or whole name) on the box, based on your choice of the person whose olfactory aura you would like to have, their initials on the silk handkerchief, and a slot reserved for inserting a photo.
We will need the necessary information for this customization.

This solution is completely new and everyone has questions about it. With careful consideration, we have produced a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Do not hesitate to review them before ordering.
 We want to comfort you during your grieving process and hope that you will dedicate a significant part of it to the best moments you shared with your loved one. Release your emotions freely. Scent will find a way to help you. This is the core of its evocative power.

609,00$excluding custom duties

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    * Initials

    Inscription on the silk

    * The scent of a loved one
    • Warning, the baby's smell is more subtly, that's why we must have clothes really soaked : a pillowcase, pajamas, bodys.. in the aim to get the equivalent of a medium size t-shirt.
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