You are sensitive to odors, and you are missing the scent of a loved one. You would like to buy a Kalain olfactory comfort set, but you have a lot of questions. That is completely normal. We have made an effort to compile all inquiries about the topic here, and we hope that you will find the answers you are looking for. If you do not see an answer to your questions, do not hesitate to submit additional questions to us, and we will be happy to respond.

How do I make an order on Kalain ?

On the “Boxed Set” page of our website, choose the solution you would like, whether “Cope with a temporary absence” or “Cope with a definite absence,” and then follow the steps to manage the order in your basket.

After you have placed your order, Kalain, via a carrier, will send you an envelope in which to place a clothing article imbued with the desired scent. The carrier will pick up the envelope and deliver it to the Kalain laboratory, which will then get to work.

What is the primary material used to reconstruct the scent of a loved one ?

To obtain a definite result, we start with a fabric or an article of clothing that has been worn and permeated with the desired odor. Clothing articles—a scarf, blouse, t-shirt, sweater, pillowcase, babygro, etc.—preserve the memory of those who wore them, their impression and their olfactory signature.

What composes the copied scent ?

Every member of a family has a common factor, their DNA. Moreover, each individual, as a result of his or her diet, produces a specific odor. A European, an Asian, and an African do not give off the same scent. In addition to this, we all use beauty products such as face cream, body lotion, deodorant, aftershave, perfume, etc.

Two people can put on the same perfume, eau de toilette and not produce the same smell, simply due to differences in the reactions of enzymes on the skin’s surface.

We all wear clothing washed with detergent, which also has its own particular smell. Our environment will equally become part of our scent’s composition. If we are smokers, or not, has an effect. The fact of owning a pet with an odor of his or her own can equally leave its trace in our olfactory cocktail.

Finally, certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, for example, contribute to changes in our aura. You can imagine how difficult it is to work on recreating someone’s scent, given its complex, diverse and, of course, completely personal composition.

Is this process 100% effective ?

Your overall satisfaction depends primarily on you and, more particularly, on the fabric or clothing article that you entrust to us. This item must be thoroughly impregnated with the scent that you want to obtain, very fragrant. Kalain is not a magician. We will need the odor and a sufficient “quantity” of it. In other words, the fabric or clothing article should be about the size of a medium t- shirt.

For example, A babygro will not be sufficient, but in this case, we would be glad to accept two or three pillowcases.

Does Kalain inspect the fabric and clothing ?

Of course. As part of the high quality procedures put in place by Kalain, our chemical engineer, who has been trained in the field of odors, begins by characterizing the odor upon the arrival of the fabric or clothing article. If it is too subtle, we reserve the right to return your fabric or clothing article to you, at our cost, without filling the order.

We would prefer a client to not be served than to be unsatisfied.

Will I get the clothing article back ?

Yes, and in perfect condition. Our method is nondestructive. With the delivery of your boxed set, we will return your fabric or clothing article in perfect condition. For us, every fabric we work on has a fundamental sentimental value.

How long will it take until I receive my order ?

From the moment the fabric or clothing article arrives at our lab to the delivery of the order, it will take about 15 business days.

How much is inside the bottle ?

Like a small diamond, it is an extraction. The bottle contains a quantity of 10 ml. We create olfactory links, not perfumes.

May I order the same scent later on ?

This is currently only possible if you send us a new fabric or clothing article possessing the odor you wish to obtain. Every scent is custom-made. Under no circumstances do we offer industrial solutions. Each bottle requires a piece of clothing.

What will my order look like when it is delivered ? Our olfactory comfort solution will arrive in a custom-made box.

The boxed set will come with :

  • A space dedicated to personalized details (first, last names)
  • A slot in which to place a photo of your loved one .
  • A silk scarf made in Thailand possessing the initials of your loved one
  • Blotters

A pocket scent diffuser with porcelain from Limoge, to scent – A beautiful bottle with a 10 mL capacity.

To ensure my satisfaction, should I use my olfactory comfort set under any particular conditions ?

Yes, this is imperative. Scent evokes unique and personal memories, and for this reason it is important to be particularly predisposed to “recollecting.” You must be calm, stay in the present, and appreciate the magic moment you are exchanging with the “absent being.” You must avoid polluting your surroundings with smoke or gum. It is important to create the most propitious atmosphere for establishing a symbiosis between your memory and this olfactory signature, which is so personal, intimate and unique.

Where can you ship the set ?

Our carrier will deliver it to your place. If you are not home, you will have several options available on the website of our carrier as to requesting it to be redelivered or to be delivered to one of your loved ones place.

more over, you can follow your delivery through the following link :

Follow my order

Can I order the scent of my pet ? My dog ? My cat ?

Why not ? Again, we reproduce the scents of loved ones as a function of each person’s willingness and participation. Our primary material is fabric or clothing permeated with the odor. For your favorite pet, that might be the cushion on which she/he sleeps, its little jacket, etc. The sine qua non condition for your satisfaction is to provide us a cloth that is sufficiently odorous and whose surface area is about the same size as a medium size t- shirt.


For a dog, we could use the rain coat or the cushion…

For an horse, we could use the rug or the horsehair if we have enough quantity.


For all these details, do not hesitate to contact us at following adresse : commande@kalain.fr we will be very happy to answer to all of your questions.

Has this need for olfactory comfort come about recently ?

Absolutely, though it simply had been latent and unexpressed before now. It is like the days when one traveled by horse, when everyone wanted to go faster and ride more comfortably: no one expressed the need to buy a car, because it did not exist!

Similarly, no one used to express the need to buy the bottled scent of a loved one until Kalain’s creation, after which the demand has been rapidly growing.

Is this need substituting another one ?

Not at all. Kalain provides a new solution for families who are sensitive to smells and who are seeking comfort. It is commonplace today for a person to keep a piece of clothing of a missing loved one in order to be able to stick their nose in it and inhale the essence of the person they love.

Why reproduce an odor in the form of a perfume ? Isn’t is good enough just to keep a piece of clothing ?

Clothing can be inconvenient to keep, lose its scent, and be contaminated by other scents. Moreover, given the personal and intimate nature of one’s needs, it is not practical to walk around carrying a sweater or a pillow cover. However, to use your personal set in those moments of reflection, to breathe in the olfactory signature coming out of the bottle and place a few drops from it on the small piece of porcelain, slipping it into your pocket, and to thus find yourself in the company of the discrete yet real presence of your absent loved one—this is a real comfort, especially for people with developed olfactory senses.

Is it normal to have such a need ?

Yes, it is completely normal, legitimate and natural. The absence of someone you cherish creates a need to preserve your link to them, and each person, depending on their sensibilities, will take a different approach. Certain people who are more visual will immerse themselves in photos and videos. More aurally-oriented people will listen to recorded voice messages on their phone, for example. People partial to tactile sensations will find an object to hold onto. Finally, those with a keen sense of smell will wish to retain a scent. The olfactory signature, the aura of the loved one, is a real comfort. A particular feature of olfaction is the unleashing of strong emotional responses.

What effect is created by a person’s odor ?

This very personal scent can revive a part of an absent person or animal. It transmits feelings. The odor is a veritable presence, a powerful emotional charge. It has a powerful capacity to bring back the deepest memories.

Does the Kalain company make perfumes ?

Not at all. The Kalain company is not a perfumer. Kalain faithfully recreates the odor of a loved one in the form of a perfume.

A perfume necessarily smells good, whereas, in our case, it is not about a good or bad scent. It is about a single odor that will make it possible to evoke good memories and past moments one has shared with a person who is absent.

Can i cancel my order ?

The right of withdrawal can't be exercised for the supplies of goods made thanks to the specificities of the consumer as stipulated in the Article L121-21-8 of the Consumer Code (applicable individuals sales ) .