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We thank you for visiting our site. Your visit shows your sensitivity to the world of smells.

As Chantal Jaquet wrote in her book « La philosophie de l’odorat » (Philosophy of the sense of smell) :

« In the absence of the beloved one, his scent remains the messenger of his soul »

This is nicely said and it is so true !

Thanks to technology, we want to do what many people who are sensitive to smells have only been able to imagine up until now. That is to create olfactory bonds.

An olfactory bond ties you to your baby, your child, grandpa or grandma… In their absence you would like to smell their unique scent, to let yourself be invaded by a sensation of well-being, the sweet pleasure brought on by this person’s olfactory signature.

We are able to help you perpetuate this memory and to fill the absence by faithfully recreating the smell of your beloved one.


kalain createurs de liens olfactifs-les odeurs

We know that the sense of smell is the strongest, most powerful way to bring back impressions and emotions. We all have memories of holidays, sometimes spent at grandparents’ with associated smells. Each time we cross paths with one of these smells, we recall pleasant moments and often positive memories. This is the magic of the world of scents. We all have numerous examples of this. It’s pleasure. It’s comforting. It’s a sense well-being. It’s a strong emotion that makes us feel virtually closer to those we love. A person’s scent is like their signature. It is their identity. Literature has often related the symbolism of smells.


kalain createurs de liens olfactifs - les souvenirs

It is important to be in optimal conditions (extract of «Etes-vous au parfum» Patty Canac) to feel completely filled with the presence of « the absent one» and to be in symbiosis with your imagination and memories. Here is some advice to fully enjoy the comforting feeling brought on by scents : Yearn to smell the fragrance, clear your mind and breathe slowly to revel in the scent. Do not smoke and blow your nose well. Do not wear perfume and do not chew anything. Choose a relaxing posture to go deep within yourself. Closing your eyes will help you let the scent penetrate you and will keep you from being disturbed by anything. Your inner spirit will be overcome with feelings and will wanders. You must let your emotions flow, enjoy the present and the magic of this moment of solitude. And then, as Bachelard so magnificently stated: « A vapor of joy rises from the memory »

Olfactory comfort


A number of events force us to live and bear the absence of someone we love. In these difficult moments, we often need to be comforted. It is important to minimize the absence in order to live with it better. The abscence may be temporary, but there comes a day when it will unfortunately be permanent. For those sensitive to smells, it is possible to find emotional relief through the scent of the missing person. It’s Kalain’s goal to achieve this by recreating the person’s scent. Of course, a picture may be more soothing to those who are more receptive to visual things. Others, will be more receptive to sounds and will need to listen to a voice mail for example. Some will even need to touch something which has belonged to the missing person. Now, a new possibility exists, the comfort of scents with a bottle which let’s the person’s fragrance surround you.